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If you're going across town or across the country, every day or every year, ShipHike works for you.

What Is ShipHike?

Why Choose ShipHike?

Size doesn't matter.

There’s nothing too big or too small. ShipHike can send it all! Are you tired of the old guys making it hard to send your stuff? Let us be your hassle free solution for expedited and oversized shipping. It’s easy — from a card to a couch — if it fits, it ships!

Pets ship too.

ShipHike doesn’t just ship packages. Our drivers are prepared to take your pets anywhere and everywhere. Your pets are family, and family deserves luxury. ShipHike will provide a safe, comfy, and stress-free trip for your furry friend!

Quick and easy.

No box, no tape, no time? No problem! Simply post your package and one of our drivers will arrive to whisk your item off to its destination. Really — it’s that easy. Posting takes seconds and our drivers deliver 24/7. So no more cutoff times, no more waiting in line, no more worries!

No worries.

Concerned about your shipment’s well being? Our drivers go through an extensive screening process that includes a background check, driver’s license validation, motor vehicle requirements and much more. Not only that, you can track your package in real time as it makes its way to its destination. Need more assurance? We offer $100 worth of complimentary coverage, with the ability to purchase additional package protection should you feel it necessary.

Pad your pockets.

Have a car? Going somewhere? Make some money along the way! Simply sign up as a certified driver and earn cash for a trip you’re taking anyway. Your morning commute, business trip, or family vacation just put gas in the tank and cash in the bank.

Name your price.

Stop paying ridiculously high prices for expedited and oversized shipping. ShipHike provides you with an industry average cost to ship your item and then gives you the power to negotiate a reasonable price with your driver. We make shipping faster, safer, and more convenient — and on top of that — we save you money!

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How Does It Work?

Step One: New ShipmentStep Two: Driver RouteStep Three: Negotiate PriceStep Four: Driver Comes To YouStep Five: Package Pick UpStep Six: Package in TransitStep Seven: Shipment RatingStep Eight: Package Delivery

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Listing A Shipment

Posting a package is quick and easy. The shipper starts by specifying where the driver will pick-up and drop-off the shipment. Next, the shipper chooses the size and takes photos of the item. The shipper then has the option to purchase ShipHike’s additional protection, in which case the shipper lists the declared value of the item. They then enter the recipient’s name and contact information or choose to simply have the driver leave the package at the door (items left at the door are not eligible for coverage). Lastly, shippers can leave any special instructions for the driver.

Step 2: Your Package, Their Route

The magic of ShipHike is that it saves money by matching a shipper with the best driver for any given shipment. Drivers enter their desired route and are shown packages that can be picked up and dropped off on their way. If a new listing is added along this route, drivers are notified before and during their trip. This integration makes shipping faster and cheaper than ever before!

Step 3: Negotiate A Good Price

ShipHike believes in giving complete control to both shippers and drivers. Therefore, we let our users decide the price. Once a driver is matched with a shipment, both parties are given the opportunity to negotiate a fair price. We provide an industry average estimate (based on overnight shipping) as a starting point. Using that estimate ensures that drivers get compensated fairly, while shippers still pay cut-rate prices.

Step 4: Routing

Once a shipper is matched to a ShipHike driver, the pick-up and drop-off locations will be added to their route. This route is intelligently designed to ensure that each package is delivered as efficiently as possible. As soon as the driver begins their trip, the shipper will receive a notification with the estimated time of arrival. As the driver progresses through their trip, the shipper will be able to view their location and be notified when they arrive.

Step 5: Secure Package Pick-Up

At ShipHike, we take the safe delivery of packages very seriously. For that reason, we have built a secure pick-up process that will ensure that shippers are giving their items to trusted ShipHike drivers. They will receive a notification when the driver arrives. The app will then display a QR code on the shipper’s phone that the driver will scan, confirming their identity. Once successfully scanned, shippers can rest assured that their item is in safe hands. Simple as that!

Step 6: Track The Package

Once the package has been picked up by the driver, they will be off to their next stop. The recipient will then be sent a message with an expected delivery time. From this point onward, both shipper and recipient will be able to live-track the driver's progress in the app or through the delivery notification link. We strive to be completely transparent with our customers, so shippers should feel free to watch each step in their shipment’s journey.

Step 7: Secure Package Drop-Off

When the driver arrives at the drop-off location, he or she will either leave the package at the door or deliver it directly to the recipient. The recipient will provide the driver with a unique code that was sent to them as part of their delivery notification. This will ensure that the package is always delivered to the right person. If there is no recipient, the driver will take a photo of the item at the doorstep (for our records), confirming the delivery. Either way, shippers can be confident that their shipment was delivered safely.

Step 8: Reviews And Ratings

ShipHike drivers go through an extensive screening process which includes a federal background check, motor vehicle report, insurance verification, and more. Once a driver is approved, they are continually monitored to ensure that they remain compliant with our standards. Additionally, both drivers and shippers will rate one another. These ratings are visible to our users and are reviewed by our staff on a regular basis to ensure premier service and user satisfaction.

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